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Bariatrics Testimonials - Michelle

Griffin Bariatrics

Bariatrics Testimonials - Sue

Griffin Bariatrics

Bariatrics Testimonial - Shara

Griffin Bariatrics

Pulmonary Embolism Testimonial

St. Vincent's Medical Center

Atrial Fibrillation Testimonial

St. Vincent's Medical Center

Cardiology Testimonial

St. Vincent's Medical Center
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Video production services relevant to Testimonial Videos

4K Video Capture

Future-Proof your video production with 4K video.   In addition to stunning detail and rich color, 4K is also beginning to see SEO benefits for Google and YouTube.

High-Volume Fullfillment

We have the resources to fullfill multiple 200+ video projects at any given time.

Interview Style Video

Create authentic and relational videos in a timely manner. These are great for clients who prefer to bypass the scripting process and begin filming right away.

Green Screen Flexibility

Shooting with a Green Screen allows us to film your team at a single location, while using multiple locations within your facility as a backdrop.

Beautiful Photography

No need to schedule seperate shoots for photo and video. An optional add-on that our clients appreciate is to have a headshot shot taken at the time of their filming.

On-Screen Talent Coaching

Our experienced talent coaches are there to support your staff throughout the filming process, thoughtfully coaching each person to be the best version of themselves on-camera.

Advanced I.T. Support

If you need any assistance with embedding your videos onto your website or CMS, we have a web developer on staff with 15 years of front-end experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that high-quality videos and photography can help improve your ranking on Google?  We can help you optimize your script, title, description, tags, and metadata to support your existing keywords.

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